Pavel Osipov, General Director

Pavel is the guiding force of the company. His focus remains on customer-oriented leadership. Over 10 years of experience in the status of an arbitration manager, have the largest experience in bankruptcy of financial organizations in the country.

He has an MBA degree “Crisis Management” from the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA).

It meets the additional requirements of the Government of the Russian Federation when approving the candidacy of an arbitration manager in the bankruptcy case of strategic enterprises.

The FSB of Russia has been granted access to state secrets in the second form for arbitration managers admitted to top secret information.

Bankruptcy experience of financial organizations: CJSC Insurance Company Stroystrakh MVKS, LLC Insurance Company Silver Policy, CJSC Non-Profit Deposit Credit House, CJSC Insurance Company Avista-Garant, CJSC Non-Profit Organization Ural Settlement Chamber, LLC Capital Invest, LLC Insurance Company ROST, LLC NPO DELTA KEY, LLC PSK Express, LLC Insurance Company FAKEL, LLC Insurance Company ZHIVA, LLC Specialized Insurance Company, LLC Commercial Bank Settlement House ”, National Association of Industrial Investors, LLC Insurance Company Company Polis, LLC Our Guarantee Insurance Company, Siberian Bank Sirius (LLC), Fondovy Tsentr MIK-F OJSC, NPO Leader JSC, Telekommerts Bank JSC, Jiel Finance LLC Management company «Investment Standard», LLC «Investment Company» Perspective Plus «, Non-governmental Pension Fund» Volgograd Asko-Fund «and others.


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